Laser Cut Applique Shapes

Laser Cut Applique Shapes. Pre-cut and pre-fused with fusible web for machine applique.

We use lightweight Wonder Under for our Fusible Web.
Appliques can be cut in any of our batik stock colors. Please see the color chart below

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5in. Hibiscus Appliques


5" turtle appliques


5in. Anchor Appliques


6in. Crab Appliques


6in. Flamingo Appliques


9in. Mermaids


Blue Sail Boat Appliques


Dragonflies Appliques


Hawaii Row 1 Laser Applique


Hawaii Row 2 Laser Applique


Hawaii Row 3 Laser Applique


Hawaii Row 4 Laser Applique


Hawaii Row 5 Laser Applique


Hawaii Row 6 Laser Applique


Hawaii Row 7 Laser Applique


Hibiscus Runner Flowers


Hibiscus Runner Leaves


Lobster Appliques 6in.


Multi Hibiscus Applique Pack


Red Sail Boat Appliques


Turtle family appliques


Gecko Appliques


Sea Shell Appliques


4-6in. Fish Laser Cut Applique's


4in. Flip Flop Appliques 4 pairs


5in. Hibiscus Flower Laser Cut Appliques


5in. Octopus Laser Cut Appliques


5in. Plumeria Flower Applique's Laser Cut


5in. Sea Turtle Appliques


5in. Tropical Fish Applique's Laser Cut


6in. Hawaiian Shirt Laser Cut Appliques.


6in. Laser Cut Seahorse Applique's


6in. Ukulele Appliques


7in. Dolphin Laser Cut Appliques


7in. Flip Flop Laser Cut Appliques


7in. Laser Cut Mermaids


7in. Seahorse and Seaweed Applique


7in. Seahorse Appliques


8" Hibiscus Flower Appliques


8in. Hibiscus Flower Laser Cut Appliques


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